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Grecian Nose:Grecian nose are straight in profile, Grecian nose start from the forehead and run slant and continuous toward the tip with a slight depression or concavity at its tip.

In general Grecian nose when the head is held erect toward the face should be horizontal.

People with a Grecian nose have a strong love of beauty. Their sensitivity can sometimes be a drawback, though, because they cannot work in a discordant atmosphere.

The Grecian nose own artistic taste

People with straight noses are considered to be very clever and helpful in nature.

Grecian nose are harmonious and well balanced persons. I

Some time gracian nose signifies forcible if it is long or broad,

Gracian nose also signifies opposite character to long and broad grecian nose if short or narrow,

The Grecian nose indicates the symbol of neither strength nor weakness of character but average and equal force,

Grecian nose owner is typically a person who is willing to live and let live. Grecian nose marked characteristic is beauty, and it is more usual with the female than the male sex.

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