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Aquiline Nose
The Aquiline nose is arched in such a manner that from root to tip it exhibits a gradual and continuous outward curve, but does not turn over and inward at the tip.
nose The strength of an Aquiline nose, if long or broad, is increased, if short or narrow, decreased. aquiline nose refers to noses that have a prominent bridge. The bridge is either curved or bent .People with an aquiline nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. The word aquiline is derived from the Latin word 'aquilinus' which means 'eagle This type of nose is usual in the upper strata of society.*
Aquiline Nose denotes an artistic temperament. If small, this can limit creative
ability, which is made up for by an attractive personality. These people can
become obsessed with their own beauty. Aquiline nose also denotes strong will-
power and independence and enterprise with successful mid years.