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Of all facial features, eyes are the most expressive.

Close together or far apart: Eyes that are close together usually suggesting a good talker with a shrewd mind, If they are very narrow-set, look for jealously and irrational behavior. Eyes that are far apart indicate impatience or flightiness.

Sloping upwards (1): Some people have eyes which slope up at the corners and sown towards the nose. This sometimes denotes a dishonest person.

Heavily lidded eyes (2): These belong to exceptionally intelligent people, but beware they’ll get the better of you. One good thing, though, they’re good at keeping secrets but they won’t tell you them.

Small eyes: People with these tend to be more practical and more successful in business and politics. But they’re not likely to make good lovers.

Large eyes: People with large eyes do better in the artistic professions.

Goggle eyes (3): Men with these are usually womanizers and tend to be rather gregarious. If they have puffy lids as well, they are usually energetic and enterprising. Women with goggle eyes make good marriage partners.

Large and small pupils: Large pupils are a sign of gentleness and kindness and are characteristic of people with tranquil— though intelligent

dispositions. Small pupils are a sign of egotism and destructive power.

High-set pupils: Very high-set- pupils suggest great cruelty, but slightly high set pupils suggest ambition. Such people can often be very passionate.

Eye corners turned up: In women, this feature shows sincerity but a jealous nature. In men it’s a sign of loyalty, industriousness and happy relationships with the opposite sex.

Eye corners turned down (4): This attractive characteristic is often seen in young children. In adults it suggests unscrupulousness.

Sharp eye corners: People with these eyes are interested in making money. They often lose friends in the process, though, and sometimes the money.

Rounded eye corners (5): On women this aspect means sincerity and dependability. But round-eyed men might be unable to cope with the rat race.

Fishtail eyes (6): This person, although attractive and amusing, may have trouble keeping a mate. They’ll be too fond of love and laughter for their own good.