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Distance lends enchantment to the personality when it comes to eyebrows.

Widely spaced (7): The wider space between a person’s eyebrows, the better their fortunes will be. And the signs are better still, particularly in women, if the flesh above the eyes is prominent, pushing the eyebrows into an angle. This denotes a strong sex drive and a personality which is comes it will be solely through their own efforts.

Eyebrow texture: Hair which is lighter on the brows than the head denotes a rather wishy-washy person who may have bad health. Hair darker or stronger than head hair indicates force of character and living to a ripe old age.

Crescent and twig-shaped brows (9): Crescent shaped brows are best seen on women because they indicate feminine and delicate traits. Men with these brows would be too sensitive and their owners to rely on friends.

Bent-twig brows (10): These are good for both men and women. Loving in nature, these people are successful in business and money ventures.

Beetle brows (11): Not much hope of early success here, although the subjects (usually male) tend to be honest and determined especially if the brow is straight. Their problem is in being painfully honest, often causing offence, and being obstinate in their ways. If the brows are wide apart, this can mean success while still young.

Misery brows (12): Women with these brows are inclined to be moaners and can make life a misery for those around them.

Vertical brows: These occur when the hair seems to grow upward rather than sideways and is sign of a person-who never gives up, no matter what the setbacks.