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The mouth plays a major part in face reading— it can reveal emotions that may be hidden in the eyes.

Even, full lips (13): This mouth denotes warm and generous personality; these people are unlikely to be in a position of authority since they are usually too nice to make tough decisions.

Thin lips (14): These indicate shyness and difficulty in expressing emotion. If the mouth is small as well and the lips held rigidly together, expect meanness and even cruelty.

Thick upper lip (1 5): Expect warmth and sensuality here, but not without some control. These people are often n love with love, and can come to grief through being misled

Thin upper lip (16): These types don’t have a lot of love to give. But what is given is without possessiveness or jealousy.

Pouting lips (17): This attractive trait is unfortunately often a sign of vanity and their apparent warmth is only skin-deep. They love themselves but rarely anyone else.

Uneven lips: Unevenness in facial features makes for conflict of character. In this case, it usually indicates a highly strong, bad-tempered individual who is always spoiling for an argument.

Thick lips (18): These are usually a sign of gross sensuality and unbridled passion. Persons with these could allow their feelings to sway their whole lives. They love money and food too.

Upward curving mouth: Mouths that seem to be smiling belong to friendly, happy people. They enjoy life whether they are successful or not. This mouth is better on women because on men it makes for a too-easygoing nature and people impose on them.

Sour mouth: People with this set of mouth have often had more than their fair share of tragedy. They may be successful in their careers but have sad personal lives. For women it can mean bad health.

Full, lower lip: Found in women more than men, this is not a really good feature to have.. Its owners tend to be aggressive, especially with the opposite sex.