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The forehead is not as obviously revealing as the eyes, mouth and nose, but can tell you something about the person’s character.

In Face Readings foreheads represents the nervous system functions. The horizontal lines and wrinkles in this area indicate that the person spends a lot of time thinking, instead of willing to work on it .

Pimples in fore heads indicates area also indicate excess thinking that release energy in excess from the digestive system.

In Oriental medicine the forehead is related to digestive system which includes and represented by the gall bladder,stomach and liver.

Pimple will erupt due to improper digestion due to improper metabolism ratio and low elimination of toxins by the gall bladder and intestines.

Liver is represented by the lines between the eyebrows .

To have a healthy and smooth forehead, you must stop thinking and be more joyful; this will strengthen the organs. balance your toxins and maintain good digestive systems

High and broad : Height on a forehead shows intensity of purpose and action. Breadth denotes s4aying power. A person with both features should do well in life.

High and narrow : These Fore heads often belong to scientists and those who are highly individual. They should go far.

Low and broad : These people keen observant and have apractical nature

Low and narrow : People with this type of forehead are apt to be irresponsible and occasionally even dishonest.


Even and rounded protrusion: This shows independence and adaptability; if large, as well, expect brilliance.

Protrusion over the eyes : This denotes keen perception and a forthright manner.

Fullness at the top of the forehead : A reflective person—more thoughtful than observant.

Shrunken Forehead: It tells of narrow interests, unless furrowed, in which case the person will specialize and get by.


Shrunken Forehead

Fullness at the top of the forehead

Protrusionoverthe eyes

Even and rounded protrusion

Low and narrow Forehead

Low and broad Forehead

High and narrow Forehead

High and broad Forehead