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Artists have learnt that the ideal nose is exactly one-third the length of the face. Large noses, however, are an advantage. They give you follow through in life. A strong straight nose indicates a purposeful ambitious personality. Small noses belong to people not so successful.


Roman nose (19): This nose is better suited to men than women, for it indicates a dominating personality. A Roman nose together with thin lips indicates a ruthless personality. A Roman nose with full lips belongs also to a born leader, one who inspires loyalty. Read more about Roman nose

Grecian nose (20): People with a Grecian nose have a strong love of beauty. Their sensitivity can sometimes be a drawback, though, because they cannot work in a discordant atmosphere.Read more about Grecian Nose

Aquiline nose : It denotes an artistic temperament. If small, this can limit creative ability, which is made up for by an attractive personality. These people can become obsessed with their own beauty.Read more abouit Aquiline Nose

Hooked nose : Often found on successful businessmen, it denotes quick thinking and the ability to seize opportunities.Read more about Hooked Nose

Tip-tilted nose: This can be a sign of immaturity in adults. However the person is usually impulsive, warm and fascinating.

Snub nose : This generally signifies someone with an intellect frequently as blunt as the nose. Such a person is better suited to routine work.Read more about Snub Nose

Crooked nose: Owners may be talented but they seem to suffer reverses of fortune. Women with this trait are apt to have an unfortunate marriage. Read More about crooked Nose

Types of Noses